About Ashford Dental Serangoon:-


Ashford Dental Serangoon is one of the top dental care service providers in Singapore. You can, according to your preference after reading Ashford dental reviews can go to any of the three locations in Singapore, where you will get unmatched quality and the best-sanitized experience for any dental service. They are serving customers in Singapore for more than a decade. Since our founding, we have been constantly providing the best dental service experience to all our customers. Now we are in this position that we are well known for our effective dental treatments, and we are founding it from our patient's Ashford dental reviews on different platforms.


At Ashford, all our staff members are experienced and well-trained, which allows us to provide a comfortable and effective dental service experience. You can check Ashford dental Thomson review from our patients, especially for the experience of their children, as we provide children's dentistry services with great comfort and in a friendly manner. You can book your appointment comfortably by phone numbers given on the website for Ashford  Dental Thomson, Ashford Dental Serangoon, and Ashford dental Bedok.


Featured service of Ashford Dental Centre:-


General Dentistry Root Canal Specialist Wisdom Tooth Surgery
Dental Crown Porcelain Veneers Dental Implants
Sleep Dentistry Orthodontic Treatment Invisalign Dentist
Children Dentistry Gum Treatment Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Teeth Whitening Cosmetic Bonding Dental Bridges


Experience at Ashford Dental Centre :-


  1. The experience begins with a phone call for an appointment and visit
  2. Then consultation is done by doctors in a very comfortable and compassionate way
  3. The team explain the treatment options along with the cost
  4. Your treatment is carried in the treatment room where all high-tech equipment connected with the concerned procedure is there. Many Ashford dental Thomson reviews,ashford dental serangoon review for the same you can find on the internet.
  5. Before getting discharge you will be informed about the next review appointment

Whenever there is any treatment plan adopted it always is kept patient-centric, with a thorough evaluation and maintaining transparency in cost. The treatment is of the highest possible standard to provide you the best effective solution. There are various services involved as described above and all of them are conducted with same perfect standard carried out by expert doctors, with the help of trained staff, it can be found in internet Ashford Dental Centre Serangoon review. Sterilization and safety is one point that is never compromised at our center and proper control and safety practice are adopted.

Reviews on Ashford Dental Centre Serangoon - Dental Clinic Serangoon



Good service

Surprised at some negative views.
I was impressed at Dr Hardev Singh ‘s patience in explaining dental implants which I wanted.He took his time to clearly detail what it entails.Thanks so much for being so caring and professional.

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Radiant Smile

The staff at Ashford Dental Centre Serangoon are not just professionals; they are compassionate individuals who understand the anxieties associated with dental procedures. Driven by a genuine commitment to patient comfort, they take the time to explain each step of the process, ensuring that you are not just a passive observer but an informed participant in your own oral health journey.

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vrajesh singh


From Painful Panic to Smiling Selfie: My Ashford Serangoon Story

Chalky-faced and white-knuckled, I stumbled into Ashford Serangoon. One root canal later, I was swapping horror stories with the staff (turns out, dentists have dental issues too!). Pain gone, anxiety vanished, replaced by selfie-worthy results (and maybe a newfound appreciation for Novocaine). Thank you, Ashford! You rock - even for us nervous wreckers.

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chotai ojha

2 day ago

Smiles with Serendipity

Walking in feels like stepping into a technicolor dreamscape. Walls adorned with murals of fantastical creatures, whimsical lighting casting playful shadows, and a soundtrack that's a delightful blend of jazz and chirping birds. You half expect a talking squirrel to offer you tea.

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Ashford Dental Centre Serangoon

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