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Posted on 31/05/2021
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Bottom Slim Singapore

BottomSlim is all about the effective and efficient way for you to get the body that you have always desired. We believe that every woman must love their body. BottomSlim review will also empower you to face the challenges in life in a bold way and with confidence.

It’s not about the cut and pain of those liposuction surgeries that you have to go through to get rid of stubborn fat from areas like thighs, butts, and tummy. We have our own body-shaping solution for your worries. A common problem faced by all women in this world of fast food and no time to exercise, it’s leading us towards the following problem which can be easily resolved by BottomSlim Singapore.

Bulging tummy

The main reason for the bulging tummy is weight gain which is the result of unhealthy food habits and less physical activity. We have a solution to your problem, and have many cases treated which you can find in our bottom slim reviews, that will make a whole lot of difference to the way you look and carry yourself.

Appearance of cellulite

This problem is generally seen in women when the lumpiness of cellulite can easily be seeing across your thigh region. It’s actually a fat deposit that makes the skin look different beneath the skin. If you are wondering, we can show you the way to get rid of this cellulite with the use of our products.

Heavy thighs

The main reason for heavy thighs is lack of exercise, poor blood circulation, and hormonal imbalance. It’s not easy to get rid of fats in the thighs as eating less will not help. So it needs to be focused on treatment.

Postnatal weight gain

Better to take care of postnatal weight gain soon as it can result in health risk if not treated timely by professional experts BottomSlim Singapore.

Water retention or accumulation of fluid

The main reason for water retention is pregnancy or menopause. This can be treated with a proper line of treatment from our experts. You can go through BottomSlim review for knowing about our success story

We have a solution for your weight gain and will transform your body that glows. You will find yourself more attractive, presenting, and charming in front of the world. You will feel more motivated and your morale will also boost because of your flawless body shape check our bottom slim reviews. Your confidence will speak a thousand more words and will make you feel gorgeous from inside.

Review & Rating

33 Reviews

  • 33 Ratings
  1. 2
    TN Dec 27, 2023

    Mixed results so beware of hard-selling

    I have very mixed feelings about this place honestly. As a customer with them for the past 3 years, some treatments seem to work slightly on me (or at least the bruises and tingling muscle ache made me feel so), whereas most of the packages purchased are due to nasty hard-selling. I guess a trial or basic package can do but overall would strongly advise against falling into their traps.

  2. 2
    Junzies Lee Jan 04, 2023

    This is a store with very hardshell and pushy

    This is a store with very hardshell and pushy, even malicious sales tactics. I unfortunately have been a customer here for 2 years until I have decided that enough is enough. The treatments are uncomfortable, painful, leaves you vulnerable and self esteem in the dumps.

  3. 4
    Xiping jabaong Dec 06, 2022

    Weight loss

    The weight loss treatment provided by all the bottom slim outlests in Singapore are too effective. I wouldn't have been able to lose 37kgs without their help. Highly appreciated.

  4. 4
    Renuka upaddhyay Oct 21, 2022

    Weight loss

    The weight loss treatment provided by all the bottom slim outlests in Singapore are too effective. I wouldn't have been able to lose 37kgs without their help. Highly appreciated.

  5. 4
    jy Sep 19, 2022

    Overall experience was good!

    Overall experience was good! Receptionists are very friendly and welcoming. Therapist shows great professionalism too.

  6. 4
    Grace Yap Aug 28, 2022

    Good service and advise from Joey.

    Good service by bottomslim and advise from Joey.

  7. 4
    mathu harwar Aug 06, 2022

    Best places to loose weight

    Bottom slim is the best place to lose weight in Singapore and also you can get great bottom slim prices for their products and packages at affordable options.

  8. 4
    nastia afoboa Jul 31, 2022

    The best choice to loose weight

    Bottom slim Singapore has been the best choice for me for reducing my weight. I came to know that Bottom slim price is very less. This compelled me to opt for their services, which were very good. I am very happy with them.

  9. 1
    lala Jul 27, 2022

    My experience at bottom slim is TERRIBLE

    My experience at bottom slim is TERRIBLE!!!! I went to the NEX one. On the first visit, SUPER MUCH OF HARD SELLING and of course i bought. They told me that 10 sessions (starter pack) is $1284 when it is only $428. THEN, THEY WERE SUPER NICE AND SAY I WILL FREE U THE 20 SESSION TO FOR U TO GET 30SESSIONS. 30SESSIONS at $1284... But essentially there wasn't any free because ($1284 is for 30sessions, $428 for 10sessions)... When i ask them about it, FULL OF DENIAL AND NONONO, U ARE WRONG... I JUST WAN TO FINISH UP THE BOTTOM SLIM SESSIONS AND LEAVE. AND OFC I DID NOT LOSE ANY WEIGHT

  10. 4
    Jun 23, 2022

    The best choice to loose weight

    Bottom slim Singapore has been the best choice for me for reducing my weight. I came to know that Bottom slim price is very less. This compelled me to opt for their services, which was very good. I am very happy with them.

  11. 2
    Jun 09, 2022

    I also super super super regret

    I also super super super regret sign the package, now I just hope can FINISHED the treatment WITHOUT HARD SELL!!!!!

    almost everytime go then push sell till scare to go!!!!

  12. 5
    Jan 27, 2022

    The Good vibe and make me feel comfortable and at ease.

    The Good vibe and make me feel comfortable and at ease.
    I also appreciate consultant paid patience to clarify my questions.I would like visit again after the treatment.

  13. 1
    Dec 18, 2021

    Come at your own risk

    come at your own risk.

    1) they will take your NRIC and fill in every single detail about you on their form - address, full name, chinese name. why is my address and chinese name even needed? (hello PDPA where??)

    2) asks for your INCOME LEVEL - why?? so you can sell me expensive packages??

    3) conveniently decides a treatment plan for me and insists on getting me to go along with it, without even telling me the price. when i said no, her tone changed 180 degrees and went WHY?

    4) came in accusing me of audio recording. gosh, her tone was hideous. came barking at me as if i just committed a crime. insisted to check my phone (lack of privacy and human rights here), when no recording was found, not a single apology was given. she simply shut up and said “ok go to your treatment now”

    5) refused to destroy my personal details (that they collected earlier) when i decided not to do the treatment anymore, given how i was treated.

    staff overall lack basic courtesy and it’s so prevalent here that they don’t really care about you (not even trying to put on an act 🤡) and just want to suck your money.

    i know beauty salons are all about the hardsell and can be quite despicable, but wow this shop went even lower than that, i never imagined this could be possible.

  14. 2
    Nov 30, 2021

    User complaint of poor service during session

    User complaint of poor service during session, lack of attention and mishandling of equipment causing cuts to skin. Excessive hard sell techniques throughout every session despite reminders to stop.

  15. 1
    Nov 06, 2021

    Bottomslim Novena worst experience of service

    It is a very bad experience. Out of shyness I signed for the package, even thou I am not comfortable and really hurting during the trial sesaion. The lady is too persuisive, actually she keep on saying degrading words about my appearance, so in the end I signed up. The first session with payment, they forgotten about me inside the room for 30 min. Since they say sorry, I forgive them. The following week, the treatment is the same procedure but the standard is way low to the trial seaaion. Not the same as the first two. The next week, I booked for arms and tummy, but when I was all changed and lying then only yold me the tummy is unavailable. They wasted my time of coming for arm session that only last few minutes, to think that I stay quite far that's why I made it sure that I am booking for multiple parts. After I mentioned on their whatssapp number my experience, the response to me is they're sorry with wink emoji. After receiving that I said I am cancelling the following day schedule. It was only seen. The response was sent to me tge following day with caps letters of OKOK.
    I am going to cancel my signed package. The ladies are too unprofessional and the standard service promised is not complied.

  16. 5
    Oct 21, 2021

    Bottom slim Singapore is the best place with very amazing facilities

    Bottom slim Singapore is one of the best places to get the perfect body posture I have been also getting the perfect body posture with their best health tips and consultancy by these two weeks otherwise I am also suffering by unhealthy and very imperfect body posture

  17. 4
    Lai De Ming Oct 04, 2021

    Best place to done great treatment of your body to be slim

    I lost 12 kg's of weight at bottom slim Singapore and they also helped me in getting a flattened tummy. My Personality has changed. Thank you bottom slim Singapore especially the physios there who helped me achieved my desired goals and get fit n healthy. My cholesterol level has also bettered Thank you every one at bottom slim Singapore.

  18. 4
    Cheong Rui Min Sep 20, 2021

    It is the best place to make your bodt in shape again

    Bottom slim Singapore is one of the best places for the physical fitness and body posture arrangement my body is also very miss arranged from last 2 months so I consult at bottom slim Singapore and consult me some exercises by which I am very well only in 2 weeks.

  19. 4
    Sim Kai Xin Sep 12, 2021

    Very Good Treatment and Exercise Plan

    I had facing many problems regards my irregular figure so I contacted Bottom Slim Singapore and they attend to me very professionally and suggests me some exercises and treatment and with regular exercise, I found a very maintained and perfect body and as per my great experience here I also recommend others to consult at Bottom Slim Singapore

  20. 4
    Cheong Guo Ming Aug 26, 2021

    Best Service witrh High Quality Material

    Bottom slim Singapore is one of the best places for weight loss without any homeopathic medicines I had also joined cotton slim Singapore 2 months before loss my weight increased due to lockdown and I found there using high-quality technology machines and equipment for their customers and in terms to provide the better treatment to their customers I impressed and appreciate bottoms Singapore for their good work

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