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We know that individuals have different perspectives. But we expect our community to treat each other with honesty and respect. Here are some of the privacy policies of our website to help set the tone for discourse. Also, read out the additional guidelines for a specific type of content that you might put on our website.

Privacy: We request you not to disclose any private information of any user activity on the website. Do not post any picture or video of any user without their prior permission. Also, do not share the full names of other people unless they are actually referred by their full name.

Intellectual Property: Do not share content and media from other sites and businesses. We advise you to create your own content and review.

Inappropriate Content: Any form of content which will spread negativity, hatred, threats, or bigotry will not be tolerated by us. We might terminate the respective accounts.

Relevance: We expect all the users to post relevant content to the forum. Any topic that will not address the core of consumer experience will be deemed as non-relevant content, which might further lead to the termination of accounts.

Conflict of Interest: There should be no conflict of interest in reviews that will be posted on our website. For example, reviews related to personal business or employer must not be posted in the forum. All businesses must seek for genuine reviews.


Additional Guidelines


Photo and Video Guidelines: All the photos and videos posted on the platform must be relevant and reflect the original consumer experience. Here are some of the additional guidelines related to photos and videos-

  • Keep your photos and videos clean as they are worth 1,000 words.
  • Do not post images that promote violence, drug use, or nudity
  • Post relevant photos and videos

Review Guidelines: We request you to post genuine and creative reviews. Do not copy the review from other websites or profiles. Follow some additional points for better reviews-

  • Post original and personal reviews without conclusory allegations
  • Keep your reviews fresh and updated. No one would prefer reading past reviews multiple times
  • Ensure that the review you are posting is factually correct
  • You should not threaten to post or offer to remove a negative review in lieu of payment from a business.

Community Guidelines: We expect you to keep an engaging profile and interact with our community for a better user experience. One thing which every user must do is ask questions. Stick to the questions which are relevant to the service or service content. Also, use the feature of consumer messaging to share genuine and factual information. We also advise you to keep your profile away from keywords, special offers, or promotions. If your profile does not match our community guidelines, we will terminate your account.