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The Consumers Review is a promising Rating and Review website. We have boarded uncountable service providers and clients who can find each other in the most convenient way. The hassle-free get-to-know process at Consumers Review is super easy, be it any field that you want information for education, medical, restaurants, resorts, real estate; we are just one search away!

Our presence all over India enables us to connect buyers to sellers, clients to service providers anytime, anywhere.

Education- In this specific field we will help you find schools, institutes, coaching centres, colleges, universities, book shops and literally everything you could ask about education.


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Tom Edgar

Not Available

As a small business owner, has been a game-changer for me. It has allowed me to understand my customers better and take their feedback into account. The platform has given me valuable insights on how to improve my products and services. I am grateful for this platform that fosters open communication between businesses and consumers.

Mark Jevenue

CEO of Addle

Theconsumersfeedback has completely changed the way I shop online. I no longer have to rely solely on marketing claims or biased product descriptions. This platform allows me to hear directly from real people who have tried and tested the products I'm interested in. It's like having a community of trusted advisors at my fingertips

Madhu Sharma

Team Manager

I can't thank Theconsumersfeedback enough for saving me from purchasing subpar products. The reviews on this site have helped me avoid numerous disappointments. The feedback provided by fellow consumers is honest, detailed, and extremely helpful. I highly recommend this platform to anyone who wants to make informed decisions and avoid wasting their hard-earned money

John Cenna

CEO of Plike

This website has become my first stop whenever I'm planning a trip or trying out a new restaurant. The reviews are comprehensive, unbiased, and provide a true reflection of the customer experience. This platform has never let me down and has helped me discover hidden gems and avoid potential pitfalls. It's my trusted companion in exploring new places.

Henna bajaj

Aqua Founder

I've been using Theconsumersfeedback. for a while now, and it has truly become my go-to resource for making informed purchasing decisions. The reviews provided by fellow consumers have been invaluable in helping me choose the right products and services. I appreciate the transparency and authenticity of the platform. Keep up the great work!

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